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Find out how much home you can buy or discover how much you can save by refinancing.


Review Home Loan Options

Learn your learn exactly how much you qualify for, what your payments will be, and how soon you can get approved.


Get Loan Pre-Approval

Get mortgage loan pre-approval to move forward with your refinance or get started shopping for your new home.


Send In All Financials for Review

Your application will need to be supported by financials and documents per specific program guidelines. These documents typically include income, employment, credit liabilities, housing history & assets


Home Appraisal is Ordered

Your loan may require an appraisal. Your loan expert will walk you through the appraisal process.


Submitted to Underwriting

Get mortgage loan approval to move forward with your refinance or get started shopping for your new home.


Underwriter Approval

Your assigned underwriter will review your financials, credit, employment and residence history according to the program guidelines and issue either a conditional approval that needs explanation or additional supporting documents or a final approval once all conditions have been satisfied.


Final Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosures are Issued

A Final Loan Estimate will be issued once the loan is locked and must be issued a minimum of 24 hours before a Closing Disclosure is issued. Closing Disclosures are issued 3 business days prior to closing date/signing appointment.



Escrow Closing Department will be notified that your closing docs are being drafted and they will contact you with a signing appointment. Signed docs are returned to Funding Department for Funding Review and Wire Disbursement. Once wire is received, Escrow will Record with the county and your loan transaction is then complete.

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Sandra Baughman

Mortgage Expert

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See how much you qualify for in 60 seconds or less.

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